Outer Market. History in Motion



 « Outer space is a pleasant place.
A place where you can be free.
There’s no limit to the things you can do.
Your thought is free and your life is worthwhile.
Space is the place ».



These unorthodox words of Sun Ra, one of the most controversial figures of the modern jazz scene, and the leitmotiv DO EASY ART, lead to the two days-only art event Outer Market. History in Motion. Art is nourrished by atmosphere and its surroundings, it needs a free marge gap. This space is pleasant without any limit of act or meeting.

Rendez-vous par excellence for amateurs and strollers, the flea market is the place to find hidden treasures. Its social, artitic and business features are similar as the art world, putting aside the code and ritual.

What happens if we shuffle the cards, if we try to mix territories going under the palm tree shadow of Maison James, an antics shop in the middle of marché Vernaison? Unexpected findings could be born and objects from different centuries could begin a dialogue. They would reveal their uniqueness and differences, giving life to phantasmagoria escaping reality. Thus world is removing the partitions.

In this curated disorder, anonymous contemporary art will be sold to a passerby. Like Baudelaire written: "the spectator is a prince who everywhere rejoices in his incognito".

Arise from the idea of the artist Samuel Boutruche and the meeting between independent curators Ada Kai-Ting Yang and Francesca Napoli, the project will show 30 international artist without revealing their name. The purpose of the exhibition is actually to question the codes of contemporary art, relative to its surroundings and poossibilities of getting out of the acrredited setup. History is at work, free minded for adventure.